What is Backpacker Booklist?

Backpacker Booklist is a passion project created by me, Emily Harper, and brought on by years of travelling, and decades of reading.  It is a place to share my love for reading about places I have gone or am going.  There is a very special link between a geographical place, its people, and the literature that it inspires.

One way that I prepare for travel (and recover from it) is to sink into a reading list of books about a particular place or written by people from that place.  Some of the most random, inspirational connections I’ve made with people throughout my life has happened with a simple conversation starter “Hey, I see you’re reading XYZ book!  I read that too!  What do you think?”  This is a place for all those magical connections to be shared.

I have personally read and reflected on every book featured on this site.  They are organized by location (region, country or US State).  The reviews are not meant to be a critical.   I simply write generally what the book is about (no spoilers!), my reaction, who might enjoy this type of book, and why I think it connects to the place.

Backpacker Booklist is a place to get excited about that trip you’re going on, a place to connect a location, a place for the armchair traveler to finally reach the great faraway.

Be a global citizen, read local.


About Emily

I’m a 30 year old multipotentialite.  Which means I’m up to a million different things!  I’m a visual artist (visit my art site here: emmalaur.com), a geologist, alpine ski enthusiast, hiker, floral designer, writer, traveler, and of course, reader.   I was born in Rochester, New York, USA, and currently live there some of the time… when I’m not traveling.

I have traveled abroad to over 30 countries, visited NEARLY every US State, read hundreds of books, and I pride myself on being resourceful and entrepreneurial.   I have worked all across the spectrum from food service to museums, ski resorts, oil rigs, art galleries, etc.  This project  was a way for me to have a travel blog without it being a travel blog.  Also, it’s how I decided I would learn how to build websites!  Not too shabby…